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The ColorMark¬ģ Pro 4000 Print Server is the solution for all your digital color printing needs‚€”from Big Color¬ģ wide-format prints to desktop film separations. Powered by a 400 MHz processor, the ColorMark Pro 4000 provides fast, reliable file processing for your entire network of Macintosh¬ģ and PC workstations.

Processor Type ‚€” 400 MHz, Level 3, Superscalar Processor
Memory ‚€” 256 MB RAM, 512K SRAM cache
Connectivity ‚€” Supports multiple ColorSpan printers
File Storage ‚€” 9 GB Ultrawide SCSI hard drive
Fonts ‚€” 235 type 1 fonts

Page Description Language ‚€” PostScript Language Level 2 compatible.
Network Connectivity ‚€” 10/100BaseTX Ethernet Interface. Supports EtherTalk,TCP/IP, Novell Netware, and Microsoft Windows Network protocols.
Color Management ‚€” ColorMark Color Management System for accurate color matching standards: supports TruMatch¬ģ Color Swatching System.
Color Calibration ‚€” Feeds data from Automation Eye or optional external calibration to Color Management System for automatic color compensation based on current operating conditions.
MediaSaver‚„Ę ‚€” Optimizes media usage by interactively arranging multiple RIP Saver documents.
Preview Screen ‚€” Displays your file on the monitor as it will appear when printed.
RIP Saver‚„Ę ‚€” Users can save and store processed files internally or externally, for temporary or permanent storage.
File Spooling ‚€” Multiple users can spool jobs simultaneously.
Job Logging ‚€” Automatically records RIP times and supplies used, crucial for billing purposes.
User Interface ‚€” 15" Color monitor, keyboard, mouse and graphical user interface.
Downloader utility ‚€” Macintosh and Windows applications that allow direct downloading of PostScript, TIFF, EPS, or Photo CD files

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