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The practical and affordable solution for digital fine art

The Giclée PrintMakerFA creates the image quality and archival standards demanded by the fine art industry and its buying public. ColorSpan makes producing and selling giclée prints your reality with an affordable price and a user-friendly process.

Giclée (JHEE - CLAY)
The French word giclée describes a technique of spraying. Industry-wide, it has become the printer€™s definition for quality, archival fine art produced by digital print technology.
"We're excited about the possibilities that ColorSpan's new Giclée PrintMakerFA printer provide us. The output is gallery quality, yet the printer is easy to use and requires little maintenance. That gives us time to focus on our top priority€”the art itself."
€”Jeffrey Leonard, president of Bishop Street Press International

Adjustable printhead height€”Permits custom settings with digital accuracy.

8-printhead quality€”Creates continuous-tone image quality at an apparent 1800-dpi.

Countless choices of fine art media€”Allows creative freedom, from rice paper to thick canvas.

Other features:

-Drum-based architecture for precision dot placement.
-35.5" x 47.25" maximum print size.
-Big Ink® Delivery System keeps ink and print cartridges connected in sealed, disposable units.
-Automation Eye aligns printhead and maximizes inkjet performance with minimal user involvement.
-Multiple RIP Options include ColorSpan €™ ColorMark Pro 3000 or 3rd-party RIPs like Onyx Graphics.

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