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Shipping Weight 554kg 635.6kg 726.4kg 817.2kg
Shipping Dimensions 203.20 x 182.88 x 111.76cm 304.80 x 203.20 x 111.76cm 370.84 x 220.96 x 111.76cm 370.84 x 241.40 x 111.76cm
Positioning Accuracy 0.005cm 0.005cm 0.005cm 0.005cm
Zero Positioning Accuracy 0.005cm 0.005cm 0.005cm 0.005cm
Overall Dimensions (HxWxI) 106.02 x 172.72 x 187.96cm 160.02 x 289.56 x 187.96cm 190.50 x 350.52 x 187.96cm 220.98 x 350.52 x 187.96cm
Max. Z Axis Clearance 16.50cm 16.50cm 16.50cm 16.50cm
Repeatability 0.005cm 0.005cm 0.005cm 0.005cm
Max. Feed Rate 30.48cm/sec 30.48cm/sec 30.48cm/sec 30.48cm/sec
Working Area 124.46 x 124.46cm 124.46 x 248.92cm 154.49 x 307.34cm 185.42 x 307.34cm
Tabletop Flatness +/-0.0762cm +/-0.0762cm +/-0.0762cm +/-0.0762cm

Heat treated high-strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel construction

Self cleaning linear bearings on all axes

Zero-backlash drive system

Z axis has ball screw drive system

Extremely flat reference table tops

1.5 Gigabyte DNC file capacity

Graphic User Interface

Online help at the controller

Multiple languages

Onscreen plot file preview

Dry run feature

Two Speed Plunge

Realtime feedrate override

Serial or disk file transfer

Spindle speed adjustment at controller
Standard Items
Perske 3hp high speed spindle motor

Heavy duty industrial bearing sets

Duty rated vacuum hold down system

High torque/high speed servo motors

Vacuum take-off attachment for Perske

Emergency stop switch

Allen keys

Eye/ear protection

Omnitool - pen/knife attachment

Router bits

Assembly instructions

110/220 volt controller system

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Auto surfacing

Perske 4.0 hp spindle motor

Perske 5.5 hp spindle motor

Low pressure pneumatic dispensing system

Auto-misting system

Kress engraving head

Dual Axis

Tangential Knife

Pneumatic drill

Ethernet communication

24-Hour Answering Service!

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